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I've come across name books that identify it as originating from Japanese meaning "flower".
TEQUILAworm  6/1/2005
The Japanese word for flower is "Hana", not Anna.
Caprice  9/6/2005
I have heard it is of Hebrew or Arabic descent, simply meaning "mother". In the Turkish language, kids address their mothers with "anne".
Paganqueen  7/16/2005
It would make sense for those children to their mothers 'Anna'. Saint Anna was the Virgin Mary's mother, the Messiah's grandmother.
echo_of_the_past  4/5/2006
This name is of Hebrew origin and it means "grace" (Channah, Hannah). The sound, simplicity, meaning, universality, only credits this name as favorable. One of my favorite names.
Hebrews_and_Shebrews  8/5/2011
Derives from Zeus's (olympic God) surname: "ανα" deriving from "ανω" meaning in Greek: "up". This is why in Hebrew is masculine name. In Spanish has only one "n"(Ana).
georgev1112  12/10/2012

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