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My name is Annalise, pronounced Ahn-nn-ah-lee-ss, but a lot of guys and teachers pronouce it like Aa-na-lee-ss. Gets on my nerves sometimes but they've called me by it so many times that I've gotten used to it. My friends just call me Anna. My Dad calls me Annalisa. He says that's the correct pronunciation for my name in German. He was trying to go for the correct spelling too but Mom wouldn't let him.
Annea Lieseza  3/27/2007
No, my cousin has Annalise as her name and it's pronounced Anna-ly-se not Ahna-lise!
― Anonymous User  4/17/2007
A beautiful name. I've mostly heard it pronounced ANN-ah-LEE-sah with the Ann like Dan, not Dawn. Whether or not that's historically correct is of no matter, really, it's just one of those names that will get butchered regularly by telemarketers and their ilk.
Keeper76  8/14/2007
My grandmother, born and raised in Germany, is called Annelise. Pronounced An-ne-lee-se. My wife is pregnant and if it's a girl her middle name will be Annalisa, to avoid mispronunciation and to recognize my Italian heritage.
sbaraldi  4/20/2008

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