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Namesakes for Anne
English and British Kings and Queens: 1 queen
      Queen Anne   1702-1714  
Fictional Characters from Books: 2 heroes, 1 character
      Anne Steele   1811   Sense and Sensibility  
      Anne Elliot   1818   Persuasion  
      Anne Shirley   1908   Anne of Green Gables  
Hall-of-Famers: 1 basketball
      (basketball) Anne Donovan   1995  
Notable Actors and Actresses: 8 actresses
      Anne Revere   1903-1990  
      Anne Baxter   1923-1985  
      Anne Bancroft   1931-2005  
      Julianne Moore (a.k.a. Anne)   1960-  
      Lori Loughlin (a.k.a. Anne)   1964-  
      Carrie-Anne Moss   1967-  
      Anne Heche   1969-  
      Anne Hathaway   1982-  
Notable Athletes: 1 basketball
      (basketball) Anne Donovan   1961-  
Notable Writers: 4 authors
      Anne Brontë   1820-1849  
      Anne Frank   1929-1945  
      Anne Rice   1941-  
      Tanya Anne Crosby   1962-  
Olympic Medalists: 7 bronze, 6 silver, 1 gold, 1 gold/bronze
      (bronze) Vivi-Anne Hultén   1936   figure skating  
      (bronze) Mavis Freeman (a.k.a. Anne)   1936   swimming  
      (gold/bronze) Anneloes Nieuwenhuizen (a.k.a. Anne)   1984; 1988   field hockey  
      (bronze) Lisanne Lejeune (a.k.a. Anne)   1988   field hockey  
      (bronze) Anne van Olst   2008   equestrian  
      (silver) Imke Bartels (a.k.a. Anne)   2008   equestrian  
      (bronze) Anne-Laure Viard   2008   canoe sprint  
      (silver) Jennifer Kessy (a.k.a. Anne)   2012   beach volleyball  
      (silver) Zara Phillips (a.k.a. Anne)   2012   equestrian  
      (bronze) Anne Panter   2012   field hockey  
      (silver) Anne-Caroline Graffe   2012   taekwondo  
      (bronze) Anne Schellekens   2012   rowing  
      (silver) Anne Kyllönen   2014   cross-country skiing  
      (gold) Lizzy Yarnold (a.k.a. Anne)   2014   skeleton  
      (silver) Anne Schleper   2014   ice hockey  
Oscar Award Winners: 5 actresses
      (actress) Anne Revere   1945   National Velvet  
      (actress) Anne Baxter   1946   The Razor's Edge  
      (actress) Anne Bancroft   1962   The Miracle Worker  
      (actress) Anne Hathaway   2012   Les Misérables  
      (actress) Julianne Moore (a.k.a. Anne)   2014   Still Alice  
Other Royalty: 2 princesses, 1 queen consort
      Anne of England   1533-1536   England  
      Anne, Princess Royal   1950-   United Kingdom  
      Eléonore of Belgium (a.k.a. Anne)   2008-   Belgium  
Pulitzer Award Winners: 2 winners
      Katherine Anne Porter   1966   The Collected Stories of Katherine Anne Porter  
      Anne Tyler   1983; 1986; 1989   Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant; The Accidental Tourist; Breathing Lessons  
Russian Grand Dukes and Tsars: 1 tsaritsa
      Tsaritsa Anna (a.k.a. Anne)   1730-1740  
Saints: 9 blessed, 5 saints
      Saint Anne   ?-0xx  
      Saint Anne   ?-820  
      Saint Anne   840-918  
      Blessed Anna Giustiniani (a.k.a. Anne)   ?-1180  
      Blessed Ana of Saint Bartholomew (a.k.a. Anne)   1549-1626  
      Saint Anne Line   ?-1601  
      Blessed Anna Katharina Emmerick (a.k.a. Anne)   1774-1824  
      Blessed Anne-Marie Javouhey   1779-1851  
      Saint Anne Pak A-gi   1783-1839  
      Blessed Anne Petras   ?-1794  
      Blessed Anne-Marie-Madeleine Thouret   ?-1794  
      Blessed Marie-Anne Brideau   ?-1794  
      Blessed Marie-Anne Piedcourt   ?-1794  
      Blessed Marie Anne Blondin   1809-1890  
Scottish Kings and Queens: 1 queen
      Queen Anne   1702-1707  
Shakespearian Characters: 3 characters
      Lady Anne   Richard III  
      Anne Page   The Merry Wives of Windsor  
      Anne Boleyn   Henry VIII  
Title Characters: 5 songs, 1 book, 1 book/musical
      (book/musical) Anne Shirley   1908; 1965; 2005   Anne of Green Gables; Anne and Gilbert  
      (song) Carrie Anne   1967   Carrie Anne  
      (book) Anne Boleyn   1997   The Secret Diary of Anne Boleyn  
      (song) Anne   2005   Anne  
      (song) Anne Braden   2007   Anne Braden  
      (song) Anne   2011   Dear Anne  
      (song) Julia Anne   2012   Julia Anne