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For me it sounds very Italian with the 'i' at the end.
wh0sbad  10/19/2019
I'm not sure, but this name appears in Northern Germany every so often (I used to associate it with one or two rather elderly women in the villages around my place, but it seems to be becoming popular as a girl's name again - many of the old names do) that I have a hard time believing that it should be labelled as a "Finnish diminuitive" only.
I might be wrong, though. We've got quite a few Scandinavian-influenced names around here, after all. It used to be fashionable at times.
Mr_Black  1/23/2019
Anneli from the Onneli ja Anneli (Onneli and Anneli) books by Marjatta Kurenniemi is a famous bearer of this name.
nenmo  9/14/2014
I suppose that "Anneli" is (despite its frilly nature) moderately endearing, but all positivity from my end ceases there.

Just as a reminder, the forename-middlename combination of "Anna" and "Lee" is rather common-- and this name meshes them into a single. When I consider that, it makes the distaste that I have for it grow.
Francesca  2/6/2012
Anneli the Art Hater, book by Anne Fine.
910  8/21/2009
Pronounced AHN-neh-lee.
Yippal  7/30/2009
That is my nickname, my real name is Ena, and everybody calls me Anneli. I pronounce it like a combination of Annie and Lee (Annielee).
enchy  3/4/2009
The first women to be prime minister of Finland was called Anneli Jäätteenmäki.
― Anonymous User  3/5/2008
This is also the Swiss pet form of Anna. -li is the diminutive ending in Swiss German.
swisssugar  2/26/2007
This is also a Swedish name, originally used as a petform of Anne-Louise and similar names, but used as a seperate name since the late 1800's. Annelie is a more modern spelling, used 50/50 in Sweden.
― Anonymous User  1/15/2007
Anneli has a nice sound. Unfortunately, it reminds me of 'anally.'
― Anonymous User  12/18/2006
One of my middle names is Anali which is the Swiss/French version of this name. It is very uncommon and I like it as a middle name. It compliments my other middle name (Marie) nicely I think, and takes away from the over-use of the name Marie.
poetic_freedom  2/4/2006
It's a very uncommon name.
eponine_pontmercy  11/29/2005

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