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I don't think that Anni would be good first name, it's too short. (Though Anni Adalmiina sounds pretty good.) And I've met one girl named Anni, and always when I hear this name, I think of her, and she wasn't my favourite person, if you know what I mean.
Yippal  10/21/2006
My name is Anneliese, but I go by Anni. I think it's unique without being complicated.
dancerray827  8/23/2007
I like the name Anni and I think it is a nicer spelling than Annie and no where near as "old-fashioned" and I can see this name on a girl of any age.
Patricia Underwood  3/29/2008
It is also a Greek diminutive of Anna, which is spelled in Greek Άννη.
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  11/30/2016

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