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While Annora certainly sounds like it's a variant of Honora, there is the problem that Honora was not really used in England before the late 1500's when it started first as Honor/Honour, then Honora and Honoria. Whether it came to England with the Normans or not, its modern popularity was mostly as a virtue name, post-Reformation. I think Annora's medieval popularity only makes sense as a form of Alianora, i.e. Eleanor, an extremely popular name during those times, with many other early variants: Annot (not from Anna apparently), Nell, Elen (not Helen), etc.
― Anonymous User  2/2/2017
Annora can also mean 'the light' in Arabic. It comes from the words 'An', meaning 'the', and 'nura', light.
Tarragon  9/23/2009

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