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I don't really understand what this name is supposed to mean, but it's pretty and interesting.
lunalovegood  7/10/2007
Well, it sounds pretty close to "answer" for me to use it.
Pippin  4/29/2008
A well-known famous bearer was Ansa from the Finnish children's TV Show Ansa ja Oiva.
nenmo  6/24/2009
Pronounced AHN-sah.
Yippal  7/30/2009
The late Finnish film and theatre actress Ansa Ikonen.
Baubo  1/5/2010
Ansa is a pleasant sounding name that is simple and refreshing without seeming childish. I think that it easily suits females of any age. The meaning "trap" just ruins it for me.
― Anonymous User  2/22/2015

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