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According to the "Oxford Dictionary of First Names", Anshel is a variant of the Yiddish name Antshel, which in turn is derived from Latin 'angelus' meaning "angel". Not sure how much stock one should put in that etymology, but I thought I'd mention it anyhow, just in case.

The book is written by Patrick Hanks, Kate Hardcastle and Flavia Hodges. The relevant page can be viewed on Google Books:
Lucille  4/6/2013
Anshel does not mean Angel in Yiddish. This is something that can easily be verified by communicating with any native Yiddish speaker or, perhaps more accessible, checking any Yiddish-English dictionary or other linguistic resource.

The word for "angel" in the Yiddish language is "Malakh" just as it is in Hebrew. The name "Anshel" is a Yiddish variant of the Hebrew name "Asher" as in one of the 12 Tribes of Israel/sons of Jacob. [noted -ed]
Psachya  12/6/2016

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