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Actually the name "Antía" comes from the Greek form of "anthos" that derived in the name "Anthea" which means Spring or Bloom. For this reason we can find in Greek mythology the name of Anthea as a Spring's godhead.
It isn't a Galician form of Anthony, in Galician language we have another form for this name which is Antón (for men) and Antona (for women).
For historical reasons, the area of Galicia, in the Spanish northwest, remained isolated from the rest of the country so we just find the name in this zone. However, it exist a form of the name in English which is Anthia. We can see that this form didn't lost the "h" traditional.
Antia  10/8/2010
Antía was the 13th most popular name for girls born in Galicia in 2011. (Source: Instituto Galego de Estatística).
overtheclouds  12/25/2012
Antía Pagant is a fashion photographer.
― Anonymous User  12/27/2012
Another origin for the name is from the Greek άνθος (Anthos, meaning "flower"). Most people don't recognize "Antía" as a feminine form of "Antonio" either, as that would be "Antonia".
― Anonymous User  1/29/2018

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