Names Related to Anto

Names that are related to ANTO:
AKONI   m   Hawaiian
ANAKONI   m   Hawaiian
ANĈJO   m   Esperanto
ANDON   m   Bulgarian, Macedonian
ANDONI   m   Basque
ANTAL   m   Hungarian
ANTANAS   m   Lithuanian
ANTE   m   Croatian
ANTHONY   m   English
ANTÍA   f   Galician
ANTICA   f   Croatian
ANTO   m   Croatian, Serbian
ANTOINE   m   French, African American
ANTOINETTE   f   French
ANTÓN   m   Galician
ANTON   m   German, Russian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Bulgarian, Ukrainian, Slovene, Macedonian, Croatian, Romanian, Estonian, Finnish, Dutch
ANTONELA   f   Croatian
ANTONELLA   f   Italian
ANTONELLO   m   Italian
ANTONETTE   f   English
ANTONI   m   Polish, Catalan
ANTÓNIA   f   Portuguese, Slovak, Hungarian
ANTÔNIA   f   Portuguese (Brazilian)
ANTONIA   f   Italian, Spanish, English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch, Polish, Romanian, Ancient Roman
ANTONIE (1)   f   Czech
ANTONIE (2)   m   Dutch
ANTONIETTA   f   Italian
ANTONIJ   m   Macedonian
ANTONIJA   f   Croatian, Serbian, Slovene
ANTONIJE   m   Serbian
ANTONIJO   m   Croatian
ANTONÍN   m   Czech
ANTONIN   m   French
ANTONINA   f   Italian, Polish, Russian, Ancient Roman
ANTONINO   m   Italian
ANTONINUS   m   Ancient Roman
ANTÓNIO   m   Portuguese
ANTÔNIO   m   Portuguese (Brazilian)
ANTONIO   m   Spanish, Italian, Croatian
ANTONIUS   m   Ancient Roman, Dutch
ANTONO   m   Esperanto
ANTONY   m   English
ANTOON   m   Dutch
ANTTON   m   Basque
ANTTONI   m   Finnish
ANTUN   m   Croatian
ANTWAN   m   African American
DONCHO   m   Bulgarian, Macedonian
DONKA   f   Bulgarian
LATONYA   f   African American
NELA   f   Croatian, Slovak, Portuguese, Czech
NELLA   f   Italian
NENA   f   English
NINA (1)   f   Russian, Italian, English, German, French, Polish, Slovene, Czech, Slovak, Croatian, Serbian
NINETTE   f   French
NINO (1)   m   Italian
TEUN   m   Dutch
TEUNA   f   Dutch
TEUNIS   m   Dutch
THEUN   m   Dutch
THEUNIS   m   Dutch
TOINETTE   f   French
TOINI   f   Finnish
TON   m   Dutch
TONĆI   m   Croatian
TONČI   m   Croatian
TONE (1)   m   Slovene
TÓNI   m   Hungarian
TONI (1)   m   Finnish, Croatian
TONI (2)   f   English
TONIA   f   English
TONINA   f   Italian
TONINHO   m   Portuguese
TONINO   m   Italian
TONIO   m   Italian
TÕNIS   m   Estonian
TONKA   f   Slovene, Croatian
TOÑO   m   Spanish
TONY   m   English
TONYA   f   English
TOON   m   Dutch
TOSIA   f   Polish