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The name day of the name Anton in my country is January 17 and the origin of the name is Greek meaning flower. I've also heard that it means "precious".
slander  12/28/2005
This name exists also in contemporary Greek: ΑΝΤΩΝΗΣ.
The name itself derives from the Greek mythology: ADONIS was the demi god of beauty.
georgev1112  9/15/2011
ANTON as a name has its roots in ancient Greece. It comes from the name ΑΔΩΝΙΣ (aδonis). Adonis was an ancient Greek mythological character. He was the beloved of godess Afrodoti.
The Romans took the name and made it Antonios. After that it travels through the world as a Christian name. There was the christian saint Megas Antonios who died on 17th of January 356 and this is the orthodox christian namedate celebration.
Pyrovolimeno  12/18/2017

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