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Namesakes for Aodh
Irish High Kings: 8 kings
      King Aodh I Ruadh   596-589 BC; 575-568 BC; 554-547 BC  
      King Aodh II Mac Ainmire   571-598  
      King Aodh III Allán   598-605  
      King Aodh IV Uairiodhnach   605-612  
      King Aodh V Álainn   734-743  
      King Aodh VI Oirdnidhe   797-819  
      King Aodh VII Finnliath   862-879  
      King Aodh Ó Lochlainn   1153-1154; 1156-1166  
Scottish Kings and Queens: 2 kings
      King Aed Find the White (a.k.a. Aodh)   739-778  
      King Aed Whitefoot (a.k.a. Aodh)   877-878