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Well, I really liked the name until learning what that word meant. Anyway, it is related to Aphrodite, so what do you expect?
Kidwins9  2/10/2016
Aphrodisia sounds very beautiful and refined, but it's too close to "aphrodisiac".
bananarama  7/8/2010
This name's sexual connotations are too strong for my taste. It's only one letter away from APHRODISIAC - "adj. arousing or intensifying sexual desire; n. something, such as a drug or food, having such an effect." Synonyms are "erotic", "amorous", "seductive", "lustful", etc. Classic aphrodisiacs are chocolate, roses, musk, ginger, etc.

I would pronounce it "af-rə-DEE-zhə". Nickname could be "Aphra".
― Anonymous User  8/3/2009

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