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An episode of The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis had a character named Aphrodite Millican, played by Yvonne Craig. The episode was called The Flying Millicans, and Aphrodite was an acrobat and Dobie's girlfriend for the episode.
Aloicious  1/13/2012
Two famous bearers:
Aphrodite, a main character in the House of Night book series by PC and Kristin Cast.

Aphrodite Jones, an author and host of the crime show: True Crime with Aphrodite Jones.
Black_X  8/2/2011
"Aphrodite" was the name of a kitten (along with Apollo, named after Greek mythological gods) that Elizabeth Walton gave to the Godseys on "The Waltons." There is also a movie called "Mighty Aphrodite" which was written or something by Woody Allen. Personally, I think this is ok name. It sounds nice and all, but it still gives like a sort of strange feeling. Especially because of its strong link to the name of a goddess, that would make it something rather snooty to name someone this in real life (in my opinion) but for a character I think it's fine.
Loni_maryrose  6/3/2007

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