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Apolonia is also the Slovak form.
-- Maggie_Simpson  6/17/2007
This was the name of my great-grandmother, born in the mid 1800's in central Slovenia.
-- earthnut  9/4/2007
This was the middle name of silent film actress Pola Negri. Pola might be a Polish diminutive of Apolonia.
-- bananarama  9/5/2009
Pola is a short form of Apolonia. [noted -ed]
-- ADT  3/4/2011
The Portuguese form of the name is Apolónia [uh-poo-LAW-nyuh]. The main railway station in Lisbon is called "Santa Apolónia". [noted -ed]
-- SugarPlumFairy  3/5/2011
Pronounced a-po-LO-nee-ah.
-- sushirice25  4/24/2012
I absolutely love this name. It reminds me of Poland every time I hear it. It sounds very elegant.
-- DundiculutNicholas  12/30/2016
I've seen this name being used as the Polish form of Pauline or Paulina.
-- DundiculutNicholas  2/27/2017

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