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I think this name is absolutely beautiful. Just uncommon/unique enough, without being too strange or hard to spell/pronounce.
erb816  6/18/2009
Because of "Apphia"'s Greek appearance, I believe that you could get by with using it (granted, you also possess the heritage and a matching surname). I foresee difficulty in pronunciation for average English speakers-- Ap-Pee-Ah? Negative. Ap-Fee-Ah? Strike two. Ahf-Fee-Ah? Yes, sir. "Apple" may appear in that list, on occasions. I think that the usage must be for extraordinary reason. Not simply because you favor the name.
Francesca  5/7/2011
"AF-ee-ə" sounds exactly like the Arabic name "Afia" (عافیہ). Using the spelling "Afia" would most likely avoid any mispronunciations of this name to occur.
― Anonymous User  6/16/2015

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