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My name is Ara and I was always told that Ara was the Greek goddess of vengeance and destruction. That's what my Mom's baby names book said from the 70's. And Ara means "an altar".
Ara  8/12/2010
Ara Keghetsig (meaning Ara the Handsome) in Armenian mythology ruled the Kingdom of Ararat, known in legend for being so beautiful that the Assyrian queen Samiramis waged war with Armenia for him. But during the war Ara Keghetsig was killed, but the queen did not believe this and requested from her soldiers to go and find him from the dead.
After finding Ara's body she was so devastated and she said "If I can not have him even the earth doesn't deserve him" and she ordered her soldiers to hang the body from her palace tower and let the birds eat his body!
Ara Haladjian  6/8/2016

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