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Arabella is a name derived from the Latin word 'orabilis', which means 'yielding to prayer' 'invokable heard prayer' or 'answered prayer'.
CharmingBabyNames  8/3/2017
In Latin it means answered prayer. In various other languages it means praying one, beautiful lion, or I prayed for you.

There is a famous violinest named Arabella Steinbacher. There are also several books where the main character is Arabella.

The most common way it is pronounced is Air-ah-Bella but some people prefer Are-Ah-Bella.
Skysail  9/2/2016
I named my daughter Ayerabella. I spelled it that way because in Italian it means Beautiful Answered Prayer, and she truly is! I decided to take the 'PR' out of prayer, and use it as Ayerabella. It's a beautiful name, I get compliments on it all the time, her middle name is Hope, Ayerabella Hope. Personally I like my spelling much better the 'y' gives it something extra! Beautiful name I would like to see more babies named Ayerabella, and I'd like to see this spelling used more often! :)
LadyyBragg88  2/28/2015
My granddaughter named her daughter Arabella after her mother Hayley Araluen and Bella which she also liked, she did not know of the name she just simply took "Ara" from Araluen and put Bella on the end of it.
dragonfly3  12/9/2011
Though often thought of as English it is also an Italian name meaning "Answered Prayer."
Francesca  11/30/2010
The translation usually given for 'orabilis' is 'easily entreated'; looking at the separate bits, the ora- element is in orator and oration, and the -bilis is the same as 'able'. So if you are orabilis, you will listen and respond to persuasion and entreaties. (You might be rather gullible, in fact.)

'Yielding to prayers', in other words to requests, might be a good translation; 'yielding to pray', whatever it might mean, is not. As for the answer to a prayer, sorry, it's impossible. And why anyone would name their daughter a beautiful altar is unclear to me. It wouldn't sound very attractive in classical antiquity.
Anneza  6/17/2009
Arabella is also Latin, where it means "answer to a prayer" or "beauty".

I think this name is a very pretty name, and it is not overused, and too far "out there", and it's completely sensible for any baby girl.
Patricia Underwood  10/12/2008
Arabella in Spanish means "little Arabian girl", maybe.
Maggie_Simpson  11/5/2007
Arabella means nothing like "little Arab girl" in Spanish. Please don't make up meanings if you don't know the language.
― Anonymous User  11/25/2007
Means Beautiful Altar. From the Latin ara (altar) and bella (beautiful).
arabella7  1/14/2007

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