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The correct pronunciation is AR-a-gorn. In the Sindarin langauge, according to pronunciation keys in the appendices to The Silmarillion and LOTR, vowels are pronounced long. A would be Ah, as in "father," "Bach," etc.
Phoenix-san  3/9/2008
The correct pronunciation is er-a-gorn. The reason it sometimes sounds lilke Are-a-gorn when Legolas says in the movie is Orlando Bloom's accent.
YMPvt  4/6/2007
According to how Elvish are pronounced, it's Ah-rah-gorn. Not Eragorn. The latter is a result of anglicization of the name. But Aragorn is not English, nor American, it's Sindarin.
SquarePants  7/14/2006
Aragorn is sometimes pronounced Er-a-gorn in the Lord of the Rings movies, but I have noticed that Legolas and occasionally others sometimes call him Ar-a-gorn.
Eruanna_Meldiriel  6/20/2006
It could be me, but I pronounce this name "AR-a-Gorn", not "ER-a-Gorn" as the films showed.
gaelruadh19  5/12/2005
I am a big Lord of the Rings buff, and the name is pronounced ER-uh-gorn in the films, not AR-uh-gorn.
maxmycat  11/11/2005

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