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This is a very cool name. I love every bit of it when I call my club leader, who is named Aramis. You gotta love the musketeers. They fence.
Master_Kirby  7/25/2006
I met a boy with this name recently and found it to be so very distinguished and masculine.
Kitten  9/13/2006
Aramis Ramirez plays third base for the Chicago Cubs.
arc72  5/28/2008
Aramis Knight (born 1999 in Los Angeles, California) is an American actor.
― Anonymous User  8/10/2012
The name Aramis was given to 50 baby boys born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/20/2013
I just found this name and really like the sound of it. It's soft, yet masculine, and has a sort of strength that feels quiet and reserved. Sounds a bit like the female name Artemis, only this one works much better for males, ha ha. I have yet to read The Three Musketeers (even though I own a copy of the book) so I don't know how well my perception fits with the famous character, but I very much like the name.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/29/2016
The Austrian artist Hans Peter Sagmüller used Aramis as his pseudonym.
elbowin  7/1/2016
This is my name and being as such, I happen to know a good deal about it. The history is, Alexander Dumas made it up for the book The Three Musketeers, though he probably translated the name Artemis to Aramis like the Temple of Aramis in Jerash, Jordan, where, although translated to Aramis was still phonetically pronounced with a 't' sound... Or often times referred to as the Temple of Juno. As Alexander Dumas was the first to use it with the phonetic pronunciation of Air-a-miss, it is generally credited to him as the creator of the name. Its meaning is "man of god" as Aramis, the musketeer, was such. Famous people with this name include baseball player Aramis Ramirez and DJ Aramis, a producer of music. It's a rare name indeed, as .06% of the population of humanity has ever had this name, this accounts for the entire history of humanity. Roughly 19 people had this name 4 years ago when I last looked (documented) with a few women saying they were going to name their unborn children this name. My personal opinion is, I used to hate it.. but now I love it.. And "there can be only 1!" God bless.
aramis85  2/3/2017

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