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In Italian this would not be pronounced AHR-ee-a with a long "ah" at the beginning, but simply A-ree-a, with a short "a" - like in cat.
Elly747  5/28/2010
My name is Aria and some people sometimes pronounce it wrong, which drives me crazy. The A sounds like the u in umbrella, the R sounds like the r in ready, the I sounds like the ea in read, and the A sounds like the a in umbrella. The pronunciation is uh-ree-uh.
ariaspanishtrini  7/27/2011
Honestly, I thought I invented this name with my awful spelling on "Area". In the end I found the real spelling of the word and fell in love with this amazing made up name. Later I found this, searched my lovely creation and was quite heart-broken to see it exists... but I found the meaning, "air, melody, song" and easy pronunciation: Ahr-ee-a. Now I love it more. Anyone born with this name is lucky in my opinion. I hope it stays original so that when (or if) I have a baby girl, Aria can be first on my list!
TahliaWNSW  11/17/2014

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