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ARIANA is a Persian name, probably the most Persian name there is. It actually means someone from the 'Arian' Tribe. (Arian sounds similar to Iran, doesn't it? That's where we got the name!) Arian actually means 'noble' and Ariana/Arianna is the feminine form.
shervin_dokht  6/9/2006
It's Greek for 'holy one' or 'most pure'.
YO_princess  11/16/2006
Ariana came from the name Aryana (Ashavaka) present day Afghanistan.
ecletio  3/18/2009
Ariana means 'silver' in Welsh, from the Welsh word arian which means silver.
JennyRoseCullen  8/11/2009
Ariana is the old name of Afghanistan! That's the oldest name on earth, 50,000 yrs. It is not italian or Greek or Persian!... Everything is a LIE in a christian world.. Everything comes from Afghanistan, also the holy mother Maria (Mother of the Arians=Maa'Aria), she was kidnapped in Ariana/afghanistan by the greeks in the ancient.

Best regards from europe.
Prof.Milano  8/30/2013
ARIANA is an Persian/Iranian name. It came from Iranian origin "ARIAEE" and even they have similar male name called "ARIA\". And they pronounce it AAR - IA- NA.
hanane  12/30/2013

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