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This is my sister's name and we pronounce it air-EE-anne. The pet-name, nick-name or rather the short version of the name that we call her by is Ari pronounced air-EE.
ToryJeanKatherine  12/16/2005
This is the way I pronounce the name Ariadne and it's strange how in French it's also pronounced with a silent 'd' as well (I didn't know that until I checked here).
― Anonymous User  4/7/2006
My sister's name is Arianne and unfortunately people seem to have real difficulty with it, they either tend to call her Harrianne or Adrianne - both of which drive her mad.
Cherry_Cocaine  8/14/2006
Ehh. This name looks like "Aryan".
― Anonymous User  1/11/2007
I love the ending of the name, AN. It's just so conclusive.
themoongirl  4/3/2008
Beautiful name! Love its French origin, but you don't have to be French to pronounce it right! I chose this to be my "native name" in my high school French class. It's better than Simone at least.
Raggle1990  2/4/2010
In French, the name is pronounced:
A as in ahhhhhhh (screaming)
Ri like hri
A like the first one
N as in n
Don't pronounce the e
(I know this cause I'm French lol).
― Anonymous User  7/25/2015
Ariana or Arianna are much better because this looks and sounds too much like Aryan.
Eileen1209864  6/12/2016
Also a Greek combination of Ariadne and Anne (Αννη).
heyyyyyyyyyyyy  1/10/2017

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