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The name Aric was given to 23 boys born in the US in 2016.
― Anonymous User  3/1/2018
When my wife and I discovered we were expecting our first son, we picked several names. The one we finally settled on was Aeric. I'm not sure where I saw the name before, but someone had told me it was Gaelic and that the Ae were all one letter called an ashe and when properly pronounced it was Ahr-ic.

Since then I have been searching the net for the meaning of the name and have not had any luck. If anyone can find solid evidence of its meaning, please post a link? I would forever be grateful.
Tanabriel  4/5/2017
Said as Ahr-rick. Has that Ar sound at the being unlike the Ehr\air sound with Eric. Not the same name.
― Anonymous User  5/18/2015
This is also used as a pet form of the masculine Hebrew name Ariel.
keepitreal  1/22/2011
Aric A. Almirola (b. 1984) is a Cuban-American stock car auto racing race car driver in the NASCAR Nationwide Series. He currently drives the #88 Unilever Chevrolet Impala for JR Motorsports. Almirola attended the University of Central Florida working on a degree in mechanical engineering before leaving to pursue a career in racing.

Aric of Dacia is a fictional character created by writer and former Marvel Comics editor-in-chief Jim Shooter, artist Bob Layton, and Jon Hartz. A 5th century Visigoth, he was captured by aliens and became time-travelling superhero X-O Manowar.
keepitreal  1/22/2011
I've heard this is an old German form of Richard. It is also my brother's name and I absolutely love it. My parents liked the name Eric but everyone they knew who spelled it with an e was a jerk. Changing it didn't work.
YMPvt  2/24/2007

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