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Aristides Sousa Mendes - Portuguese diplomat in Bordeaux during WWII, who signed about 30,000 visas to help Jews and other persecuted minorities to escape the Nazis and the Holocaust.
ElizainEngland  12/25/2007
Aristides (or Aristeides, Greek: Ἀριστείδης, 530 BC – 468 BC) was an ancient Athenian statesman. Nicknamed "the Just", he flourished in the early quarter of Athens' Classical period and is remembered for his generalship in the Persian War. The ancient historian Herodotus cited him as "the best and most honourable man in Athens", [1] and he received similarly reverent treatment in the writing of the philosopher Plato.
sweetbabe  4/20/2013
Aristides of Athens

Aristides the Athenian (also Saint Aristides or Marcianus Aristides) was a 2nd century Greek Christian author who is primarily known as the author of the Apology of Aristides. His feast day is August 31 in Roman Catholicism.
sweetbabe  4/20/2013
Aristides of Thebes

Aristides of Thebes was an ancient Greek painter of the 4th century BC. He is said to have excelled in expression. For example, a picture of his representing a dying mother's fear lest her infant should suck death from her breast was much celebrated. He also painted one of Alexander the Great's battles. One of his pictures was said to have been bought by King Attalus for 100 talents.
sweetbabe  4/20/2013
Aristides Maria Pereira (Portuguese pronunciation: [ɐɾiʃˈtidɨʒ mɐˈɾiɐ pɨˈɾejɾɐ]; November 17, 1923 – September 22, 2011)[1] was the first President of Cape Verde, serving from 1975 to 1991.
sweetbabe  4/20/2013
Aristides de Azevedo Pacheco Leão (August 3, 1914 – December 14, 1993, Rio de Janeiro) was one of the most noted Brazilian biologists and scientists, one of the founders of the Biophysics Institute of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and the discoverer of cortical spreading depression, an electrophysiological phenomenon of the central nervous system, which received his name.
sweetbabe  4/20/2013
Aristides Gomes (born 8 November 1954[1]) is the President of the Republican Party of Independence for Development (PRID) in Guinea-Bissau. He was the Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau from 2 November 2005[2] until 13 April 2007.
sweetbabe  4/20/2013

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