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Artemis Fowl, a teenage criminal mastermind, is the anti-hero of Eoin Colfer's popular Artemis Fowl series. This Artemis is a boy, though.
-- Anonymous User  7/6/2005
It can also be used a male name, one example includes: Artemis, the white cat on Sailor Moon who is male.
-- Hailey2006  7/24/2006
In the Bible, the book of Titus mentions a person named Artemis. I prefer to think of the name as a Biblical one, rather than that of a Greek goddess, because I adore the name and do not wish to connect it with ridiculous myths of gods and goddesses.
-- meanwhile  5/9/2007
Artemus Gordon is the name of James West's clever and sarcastic partner in "The Wild Wild West".
-- citizenchauvelin  4/20/2008
The name was used in Eoin Colfer's bestselling youth series 'Artemis Fowl'.
-- Crystalline  6/27/2010
Artemis is the birthname of the character Alexandra in the Twitches book series by H.B. Gilmour and Randi Reisfeld. In the movies she is played by Tia Mowry.
-- Vesey  10/17/2011
Artemis Crock (later under the name Tigress) is a fictional character who appears as one of the main characters in Young Justice.
-- Anonymous User  5/4/2014

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