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Ar means royal and Wen means lady, so it actually means Royal Lady.
Noble Man  3/5/2005
It's beautiful. Anyways 'noble maiden' and 'royal lady' have somewhat similar meanings, so both are right I think.
goneaway  5/16/2005
Actually, 'wen' does mean maiden, but lady is very similar, so I guess it works.
Kekepania  1/10/2006
'Noble' and 'royal' can be synonyms, depending on the specified definition of noble.
― Anonymous User  4/9/2007
In the website 123babynames Arwen is said to be of English origin and means muse - which means inspiration. This meaning is perfect for a Royal Lady.
epbihs  5/17/2005
The "-wen" suffix reminds me of Welsh "(g)wen" a bit; Ceinwen, Bronwen, Gwenhwyfar, etc. The "Ar-" prefix could be taken from the Welsh "araul" (serene (of a sky)), and "(g)wen" would mean "white, fair," in Welsh. Thus "Clear and fair". Then again, "ar" is Welsh for "on".
gaelruadh19  6/13/2005
I love this name! It's beautiful, yet unique.
― Anonymous User  11/11/2005
Arwen spelled with a "y" (Arwyn) instead of an "e" (Arwen) gives the name an extra hint of beauty and elegance. The simple, yet dramatic, "e" to "y" alteration allows this casual, however exotic, newcomer to explore the beauty and uniqueness it naturally bears. Beautiful name both ways!
― Anonymous User  12/5/2005
I actually find that to me it looks more beautiful and elegant with the 'e.' Maybe this is because It is similar to the 'wyn/wen' endings of Welsh names (unrelated to this one, but it reminds me of it), and 'wyn' is always the masculine form.
― Anonymous User  5/27/2007
I didn't know that someone was called Arwen in real life. But I found out today that there are three in Denmark.
― Anonymous User  1/16/2006
There's one in Maine, too. Anywhoo, it is a lovely name.
― Anonymous User  1/7/2007
I have twin daughters called Arwen and Freya (both names from this site) and everyone always comments on how pretty and unusual the names are.
1st_mum  2/2/2006
The name means "Evening Star". It's in The Silmarillion which is the first book. Before the Hobbit.
valeriuska  3/5/2006
Contrary to the previous poster's comment, Arwen does not mean "evening star." Evenstar was the surname of Tolkien's character Arwen, not the meaning of her name. In Sindarin, the "ar" prefix means "noble, " and "-wen" means "maiden," so the BtN definition is correct.
― Anonymous User  4/21/2006
I LOVE the sound of this name.
Raphaelus  5/25/2006
Arwen is a very medieval name. I pronounce it Awr-When. Pretty!
― Anonymous User  6/1/2006
The name is of Welsh origin, "ar" meaning noble and "wen" meaning maiden in the Welsh language. It is not, as now commonly believed, a fictonal name.
sindybelville  6/26/2006
You are mistaken in thinking that the name has an historical origin in Wales. Much like Eowyn, it is a fictional creation of Tolkien's that draws upon and bears a deliberate resemblance to real Dark Age names.
Beornhild  10/11/2006
Beautiful, beautiful name, and beautiful meaning too--but everyone associates it with Arwen Undómiel from Tolkein's Lord of the Rings. I do not mean that an association with Tolkien's character Arwen is a bad thing--I simply mean that if you name your daughter this, everyone would think you named her after the character.
Eruanna_Meldiriel  7/23/2006
Means "noble maiden" in the fictional Quenya Elvish tongue.

Arwen wouldn't sound out of place in real-life England or Wales in the Middle Ages, however, as many Old English and Brythonic names have a similar form, for example Ædwen and Ceridwen. Interestingly, Ar = 'Mercy' and Wen = 'Hope' in OE.
Beornhild  10/11/2006
I like this name very much, it sounds so pretty, and the character Arwen is one of my favourites in LotR.
Yippal  10/21/2006
First of all, Arwen Undomiel is Sindarin for 'noble maiden' 'evenstar.' Tolkien based his languages off of many 'real' languages, especially Welsh and Finnish.
Elvenscholar  11/15/2006
I am highly considering naming one of daughters this name just because it has this odd essence of beauty and alluring spirit about it. I don't know, maybe I watched the LOTR too much. =/ Well, Arwen was a very interesting elf. Anyway, I have no doubt that this name has great potential to be in the top 50 names one day. Most people seem to like it. Although, if I had one bad trait to pick out on this name it would be that it sounds very similar to Erwin. =[ Still an awesome name.
Cyneburga  12/16/2006
I absolutely love it! I love how it's the name of an Elven princess in The Lord of the Rings. I would consider using it, if I could get someone besides my sister and me to like it, and it is very uncommon. I just think overall it's a very pretty name.
Lumiereslove  12/19/2006
I have named my only daughther Arwen, most people have no clue about the name and ask "is that a family name." I love the name and the meaning behind it.
Ericafewell  12/31/2006
If you spell it Awen then it is a real Welsh name and word (pronounced the same as Arwen), and means muse/poetical inspiration.
Auriel  4/16/2007
A beautiful name. Elegant and mysterious and still very pretty. There was something mysteriously striking about the actress that played Arwen in "Lord of the Rings" and this compliments the name I feel. I think it would make a great middle name to go with an equally elegant first name like Catherine, Olivia or Amelia.
littlescarlett  5/1/2007
I love the name Arwen. It is just so beautiful. And I love LoTR! Coming from LoTR, I actually prefer Eowyn over Arwen. Arwen is a lovely name, but I think Eowyn is an even prettier one, and is a much stronger character (Arwen had one line in the entire book trilogy, not counting the appendix.) Arwen or Eowyn, both are beautiful! I think it would be nice to have two daughters named Arwen and Yvaine. Both have to do with Evening Star or Evenstar. Arwen, from LoTR, was the Evenstar of her people, and Yvaine, from Stardust, was actually an Evening Star (hence the name-Even, Yvaine)! Yvaine is also beautiful.
harry_sent_me  9/8/2007
I love the name Arwen, LoTR is a great trilogy but I don't think you can judge it entirely on that. It is a beautiful name in it's own right. It rolls of the tougue nicely.
Hehehe  10/17/2007
I've found at least four pre-1937 uses of this name in the Welsh births, deaths and marriages registry. So clearly it is also a bona fide Welsh name.
Pie  10/22/2007
This name is so exotic-sounding yet elegant! I LOVE it!
aquaspirit96  1/15/2008
I love this name. Probably because it's my name. Until recently I wasn't able to find it in any name books. The only meanings I know of are; Noble Maiden and Muse.
Arwen_  1/25/2008
It sounds really Welsh to me. If Tolkien hadn't beat me to the punch, I'd have used it in a story. It reminds me of squirrels, but probably because of Arven (a squirrel from the Redwall books).
Pippin  3/15/2008
Don't laugh, but this name sounds masculine to me despite its strictly feminine usage. Maybe I'd feel differently if I had actually seen a LotR movie or read one of the books, but to me, the name doesn't sound feminine at all.
slight night shiver  5/15/2008
Arwen is a beautiful name. I prefer it in a rhotic accent (one that pronounces its 'r's); the way I say it (Ah-wen) sounds too slippery. 'Arr-wen' has a prettier and more substantial sound.
aquamarina  8/3/2008
I love this name for its sound and its meaning. My mother's name is Patricia which also means "noble lady" so I feel that naming a daughter Arwen would be naming her for my mother and not necessarily for a LoTR character.
― Anonymous User  8/3/2009
It's quite pretty, but whenever I hear it, I think of how Arwen's role was overblown in those horrible movies based on a great series of books.
bananarama  8/13/2009
I love this name. I saw this name on a nursery list at church once, and gave a mental high five to the parents. Tolkien geek or not, this is a pretty name that deserves a look at.
Katsuno_Hitomi  12/23/2009
My daughter's name is Arwen, I wanted a short name, easy to pronounce and spell, but still unique. Of course her name is always spelled and pronounced wrong, or people think the name is Arwin and I have a son (in a pink dress)
I really love her name, It's just perfect. We named her after the LotR movies, my Husband and I are big fans of.
― Anonymous User  8/17/2010
Sounds completely masculine. Maybe it's because I haven't seen anything involving LOTR. Huh.
Chrila96  8/20/2010
I loved this name even before I was exposed to The Lord of the Rings. It's unique but not pretentious or difficult to pronounce.

The only downside I could think of is that Arwen is (arguably) one of Tolkien's least interesting lady characters.
faelivrin  4/6/2011
I don't think this name is terrible, but it's not one of my favorites. When I hear this name I think of Arwin, the hotel maintenance man from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. I prefer Arden for a girl.
guardgirl15  5/31/2011
It also means "fair" in Welsh.
nevnarien  7/9/2011
This is largely a guilty pleasure name to me - mainly because people hate using names from literature that had no meaning before they were used. These names are said to be meaningless, but I still like them.

It does have meaning to me, because Arwen is one of my favourite characters in both the books and films of Lord of the Rings. I'd consider this as a middle name, as long as I didn't have to write it down on forms, and middle names don't really matter, so she wouldn't get teased.
the_awesome_elf  10/31/2011
It's from Quenya, not Sindarin.
Lostris  3/24/2012
This is a Welsh name, which happens to have been used in the book (Lord of the Rings). It's not a fictional name!
KateMarie  6/4/2012
The name Arwen is NOT made up from Sindarin. JRR Tolkien did create a Sindarin meaning for the name, but he got the name from Old Welsh. In Welsh, Arwen means "fair" or "fine" and has a masculine form - Arwyn.
Lady Arwen  10/27/2012
There is a young Swedish author who has changed her name from Frida Edman to Frida Arwen Rosesund.
Caprice  4/4/2013
The name Arwen was actually given to 79 baby girls born in the US in 2012.
Oohvintage  7/18/2013
I loved the name Arwen so much I named my daughter Arwyn. We switched the "e" for a "y" to make it look a little more femine. Her nickname is "Whinni" and we adore the name and it is fitting for our sweet little nature loving girl.
JFek28  4/24/2014
My name is Arwen. It's a love/hate relationship... Growing up it caused issues with pronunciation and spelling.. I was born in the 70's, far before the movies were ever made... Therefore I named my own daughter Sarah for a much more easier childhood but a little homage as this also means princess in Hebrew. I wouldn't change my name for anything, however it has not been without its challenges..
― Anonymous User  9/9/2014
But I appreciate all the comments from those that really like the name...
― Anonymous User  9/9/2014
Arwen is an alternate spelling of the Welsh Arwyn "muse".
sehwyl  12/17/2014
My name is Arwen. I want to say to all parents who are considering this name: I love it! Go ahead and use this name. I am 30 and have yet to meet another Arwen in person. I receive compliments on my name almost every day and I love how unique it feels to me. It is simple, short, and... beautiful. My only complaints would be that my name is often misspelled as "Arwin" (HUGE pet peeve of mine) and also that most people who get the reference assume I love Lord of the Rings. I like Lord of the Rings, but I don't love it. It is definitely more my parents' interest.
arwenisneat  1/18/2015
My 2nd daughter gave me a beautiful grand-daughter in July of last year & named her Arwyn. Not many people care for the name, as they do not know the meaning behind it. But we love it! There aren't too many African-American babies with that gorgeous name, but I am very proud to be Grand-Mother to this one!
JAH  2/24/2015
I really wanted to name my daughter this because I think Liv Tyler is really beautiful and she played the part of Arwen perfectly. Unfortunately, my wife hates this name.
strangiato79  1/11/2016
I would have never guessed in a million years that this name is apparently a females' name. In my opinion, it come across as pretty masculine and suited for a boy. A geeky\nerdy boys name.
― Anonymous User  1/29/2016
Arwen is an ancient girls' Welsh name, meaning fair or fine.

Tolkien adopted this Welsh name for his character, Arwen, and adapted the name to the elvish language.

The spelling Arwyn, with a y, is a male name in Wales, and there are several prominent Welsh male politicians with this name.

My mother gave me this name in the 1960s, as an early fan of Tolkien. I also have a brother named for a Lord of the Rings character. But Tolkien certainly did not invent the name.
Lady Arwen  5/5/2016
The name Arwen was given to 115 girls born in the US in 2015.
HerculePoirot  6/17/2016

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