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Ar means royal and Wen means lady, so it actually means Royal Lady.
Noble Man  3/5/2005
It's beautiful. Anyways 'noble maiden' and 'royal lady' have somewhat similar meanings, so both are right I think.
goneaway  5/16/2005
Actually, 'wen' does mean maiden, but lady is very similar, so I guess it works.
Kekepania  1/10/2006
'Noble' and 'royal' can be synonyms, depending on the specified definition of noble.
― Anonymous User  4/9/2007
In the website 123babynames Arwen is said to be of English origin and means muse - which means inspiration. This meaning is perfect for a Royal Lady.
epbihs  5/17/2005
The name means "Evening Star". It's in The Silmarillion which is the first book. Before the Hobbit.
valeriuska  3/5/2006
Contrary to the previous poster's comment, Arwen does not mean "evening star." Evenstar was the surname of Tolkien's character Arwen, not the meaning of her name. In Sindarin, the "ar" prefix means "noble, " and "-wen" means "maiden," so the BtN definition is correct.
― Anonymous User  4/21/2006
The name is of Welsh origin, "ar" meaning noble and "wen" meaning maiden in the Welsh language. It is not, as now commonly believed, a fictonal name.
sindybelville  6/26/2006
You are mistaken in thinking that the name has an historical origin in Wales. Much like Eowyn, it is a fictional creation of Tolkien's that draws upon and bears a deliberate resemblance to real Dark Age names.
Beornhild  10/11/2006
Means "noble maiden" in the fictional Quenya Elvish tongue.

Arwen wouldn't sound out of place in real-life England or Wales in the Middle Ages, however, as many Old English and Brythonic names have a similar form, for example Ædwen and Ceridwen. Interestingly, Ar = 'Mercy' and Wen = 'Hope' in OE.
Beornhild  10/11/2006
First of all, Arwen Undomiel is Sindarin for 'noble maiden' 'evenstar.' Tolkien based his languages off of many 'real' languages, especially Welsh and Finnish.
Elvenscholar  11/15/2006
It also means "fair" in Welsh.
nevnarien  7/9/2011
It's from Quenya, not Sindarin.
Lostris  3/24/2012
This is a Welsh name, which happens to have been used in the book (Lord of the Rings). It's not a fictional name!
KateMarie  6/4/2012
The name Arwen is NOT made up from Sindarin. JRR Tolkien did create a Sindarin meaning for the name, but he got the name from Old Welsh. In Welsh, Arwen means "fair" or "fine" and has a masculine form - Arwyn.
Lady Arwen  10/27/2012
Arwen is an alternate spelling of the Welsh Arwyn "muse".
sehwyl  12/17/2014
Arwen is an ancient girls' Welsh name, meaning fair or fine.

Tolkien adopted this Welsh name for his character, Arwen, and adapted the name to the elvish language.

The spelling Arwyn, with a y, is a male name in Wales, and there are several prominent Welsh male politicians with this name.

My mother gave me this name in the 1960s, as an early fan of Tolkien. I also have a brother named for a Lord of the Rings character. But Tolkien certainly did not invent the name.
Lady Arwen  5/5/2016

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