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Aryana was a country between 7000 B.C - 1700 B.C, in central Asia which included entire Afghanistan, eastern Iran, southern Tajikistan and northern India.
loulou  2/22/2005
Aryana originates from the Greek mythology name ARIADNE. Since Sanskrit is believed to be the origin of many European languages including Greek, you can find this name in Sanskrit scripts. In Sanskrit, Aryana means a noble and pure woman.

The name of a region in greater Persia might have been Ariana, Arianna, Aryanna, or Areyanna. But that is irrelevant of the meaning and origin of this name.

This name has Sanskrit and Greek origins, and it exudes beauty, feminine energy, and class.

I see this name among many Albanians, Italians, Germans, Persians, and some Russians.
― Anonymous User  3/3/2014

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