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I was just enjoying checking up and surfing around when I saw the name Asma: "Means "appellations" or "prestige" in Arabic. She was the daughter of Abu Bakr, the first caliph of the Muslims."

Actually it would be better to be Asmaa instead of Asma because:
Asmaa: appellations
Asma: supreme
Now the most important thing is the Arabic spelling since you mentioned that in your definition. [noted -ed]
-- Assil  5/16/2007
Not a very nice name in my opinion, because asma is the word for asthma in Portuguese (a condition from which I unfortunately suffer).
-- mellon.collie  4/22/2008
I was just going to say that this name reminded me of asthma.
-- erb816  7/25/2009
It reminds me on asthma, just like someone said.
-- Anonymous User  7/29/2009
Actually it's from أسماء meaning "names / appelations".
-- gottslavey  5/27/2012
The Turkish form of this name is Esma. [noted -ed]
-- Shibbeh  10/7/2014

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