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Aspen trees have always seemed very mysterious and enchanting to me and that's what I think of when I hear this name.
-- luv_my_princesses  6/6/2005
When I named my daughter Aspen in 1997, I had never heard it used as a name. I used to hike in the mountains with my dad, and I loved the shimmery-leaved, graceful Aspen trees, so I thought it would make a perfect name for my beautiful baby girl!
-- HijaiMamaBabyPajama  10/15/2005
Aspen, Colorado, is a popular winter destination.
-- breakofday  1/7/2006
I hate this name. It's so bad. It reminds me of Alpine skiing!
-- Anonymous User  3/1/2006
It just sounds pretentious. Maybe it's okay if you live in stereotypical suburbia, but otherwise, I'd refrain.
-- Anonymous User  6/7/2006
Aspen is a pretty, original name for a girl.
-- Anonymous User  6/7/2006
I think the name Aspen is very pretty.
-- Anonymous User  7/6/2006
I ADORE this name for a girl! It is very versatile and different, and I like the sound; it sounds very peaceful and gracious, in my opinion.
-- Pheadirean  7/9/2006
I always thought this could work for a boy's name too.
-- dramaelf  7/12/2006
What comes to mind for me when I hear Aspen is Aspen, Colorado.
-- Missy  10/29/2006
I like this better for a boy.
-- acresofhope  3/14/2007
This is a beautiful name for a girl! A wonderful epithet to grow up with, as well. If I ever rename myself, I'll definitely consider this option.
-- Georgia_kh  4/19/2007
I think this name would be much more suitable for guys. It kind of reminds me of Asperger's Syndrome, but that's probably because I've been diagnosed with it. I don't think the association will be made by many people, and this isn't that bad a name.
-- slight night shiver  4/19/2008
This name can also be used for boys, seeing as it's a word name, and not the name of a flower. As a side note, I very strongly dislike this name. It's like it's trying to be different but while following all the trendy naming styles.
-- Akua Topaz  5/4/2008
The leaves of aspens are sometimes referred to as Old Wives' Tongues, because of the sound they make as the leaves are rustled by the wind.
-- Scion  8/17/2008
Very pretty - but I can't get over the "ass" sound in the beginning. Middle name, perhaps?
-- Anonymous User  11/2/2008
My first name is Aspen. People often think it's a odd name for a girl, but I really like it, I would change it for the world. Say it out loud, it's a nice name.
-- Cross-My-Heart  2/21/2009
Aspen sounds completely vulgar and inappropriate, considering the syllables in the name. Plus, it doesn't sound feminine.
-- bananarama  7/9/2009
I first heard the name when I was reading the first book of the Mistmantle Chronicles "Urchin of the Riding Stars". It was the name of one of the nemesis but nevertheless I found the name pleasing.
-- Milena Scialfa  10/18/2009
Any guy named this name would be ridiculed to no end. This is SUCH a feminine sounding name. I had a dog named Aspen once. Very pretty name and ages well.
-- slyboots  11/15/2009
I love Aspen trees, but I think for a name it's very ugly. "Asp" isn't an appealing sound to my ear and makes me think of the asp which is a type of snake.
-- Anonymous User  1/25/2011
I love this name. To me it's feminine, but in no way girly. Reminds me of misty Aspen groves in the Rockies. I also once had the pleasure of meeting a lovely wolf named Aspen :)
-- CedarDream  4/10/2011
Hippie-Central. Disgusting.
-- Anonymous User  5/27/2011
I think it's a very cool name, though I find it masculine. I don't think I'd use it on a kid though, because of the "as-" part.
-- Black_X  7/28/2011
The name Aspen holds something special that no one knows about until they get to know the individual. Aspen is a strong name and with it the bearer has the ability to fight through everything they face in their life. Aspen also has the ability to make everyone love her without knowing that she is doing it.
-- mchivers  1/23/2013
My first name is Aspen. My parents gave me the name in 1981... maybe I'm the original? Lol! I'm amazed to see other aspens on here! I have never met another Aspen... pretty cool, I'm not alone, lol. I love my name! Yes, there was some teasing as a kid... Aspen give me an aspirin, asspain, etc. But, it didn't bother me at all. The comments that say pretentious are absurd. I was raised in a trailer & grew up in a horse barn. I can't afford to ski in Aspen, or anywhere for that matter, lol. But, I would if I could! People too often say something's pretentious just because they can't afford it. Mchivers posted that Aspen can make it through anything life throws... absolutely true! Actually, everything in that comment is eerily true! :-)
-- ostascolorado  11/12/2014
This is a very beautiful name! Aspen. It just sounds nice!
-- Gio123  3/2/2013
I named my daughter Aspen in 1986 when it was not a popular name to others. She was named after the beautiful Aspen trees in my favorite place Aspen, Colorado. She has grown to be as beautiful as both and when people meet her they love her name as well as her! She has had teachers and friends name their children after her. It's a beautiful name!
-- ccrn09  3/22/2013
A great middle name for Bristol.
Bristol Aspen.
-- jazzycritique  5/18/2013
I love this name, it sounds so very pretty to me. Its very unique and feminine sounding. One of my favorite names.
-- Anonymous User  8/7/2013
It sounds like (butt)-pin.
-- Anonymous User  11/16/2013
Reminds me of asperger...
No offence.
-- ThatMazerunnerfan  9/5/2014
I named my daughter Aspen in 2001. I have never heard of or met another person with that name. I am excited to read there are several others that named their daughter the same. It means "shining mountains" due to the heart shaped Aspen leaves shimmering when the wind blows. I feel Aspen is a beautiful name. My daughter constantly gets compliments every time her name is heard for the first time.
-- RoseM  9/28/2014
I like how it's a nature name which does make it seem quite beautiful. The downfall, however, is that Aspen sounds very similar to Aspirin...
-- LoveHeartKawaii  10/5/2014
This name reminds me WAY too much of "Aspergers" for my comfort. Also "Asthma" It also sounds like "has been\ass been"
The name is just rather harsh and sounds more of an insult than anything.
-- Anonymous User  10/26/2014
I'm on the fence with this name. My husband is from Colorado and suggested it and my first impression was, "Cute!" But no, I don't think I could saddle a kid with this name forever. Maybe a middle name?
-- Meredith02  12/18/2014

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