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A famous bearer of the name Astor is the Argentinian composer Astor Piazolla.
Bex  6/23/2005
John Jacob Astor was a famous millionare. I think he died when Titanic sank.
xKatiex  2/17/2007
I believe that John Jacob Astor was a fur trader who founded a fort near present-day Astoria, Oregon.
Elvenscholar  4/12/2008
John Jacob Astor was in fact a fur trader, and his great-grandson was John Jacob Astor IV, a the wealthiest man aboard the Titanic who died when it sank, like xKatiex said.
magicalhannah7  4/15/2009
There's a little girl named Astor on the show Dexter that's aired on Showtime.
Coffeebean  12/20/2007

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