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No offense meant, but it sounds a bit too much like "euthanasia", in my opinion.
eirian_artanis  11/4/2006
Sounds too much like a combination of Euthanasia and Anathesia to me.
WCSAngel  8/11/2007
It's quite pretty, but it sounds too close to "euthanasia" and would easily get confused with Anastasia.
bananarama  7/30/2009
Oscar Wilde wrote a poem called Athanasia, about the concept of immortality.
Akua Topaz  9/15/2009

Euthanasia and Anesthesia are Greek words as well and may sound similar to someone less evolved.
Mamakas1  10/19/2009
It reminds me of "euthanasia", as well.
Joy12  5/30/2011
Greeks pronounce this name a-thana-SIA, with the stress on the last syllable. Most women with this name are called Sia for short.
In English the word Athanasia, a synonym for immortality, is pronounced atha-nasia, sounding like euthanasia.
So the name and the word are really pronounced differently, but I suppose people unfamiliar with the name would pronounce it like euthanasia.
lilmissodd  2/14/2013
Athanasia in Greek is the feminine form of Athanasios meaning the one who doesn't die. It's synonym to immortality. My name is Athanasia too.
sonia212  6/18/2014

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