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Personally I know 2 Athenas, both of which pronounce their names ah-THEE-nah and one Athina who pronounces it ah-TEE-nah.
― Anonymous User  8/18/2016
Pronounced "ah-teh-nah".
MaggieSimpson  9/2/2009
In Greece it is pronounced Athena ah-thee-NA (as the female name) and a-THEE-na (as the capital).
E.K.  12/16/2008
One of my cousins is 1/4 Greek (born and raised in Athens, I believe) and she pronounces her name "A-TEE-na". Immigration transliterated her name to "Atina" when she came here.
― Anonymous User  5/18/2006
In Modern Greek, the pronunciation is ah-thee-NAH. (I much prefer the usual English pronunciation.) The city of Athens is pronounced ah-THEE-nah, though.
Kosta  5/10/2006
I think this name is actually pronounced Ah-tay-nah, but you could also pronounce it the English way.
Destry  4/13/2005

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