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Czech singer & songwriter Radùza has a son Attila, born June 2007.
Karcoolka  7/3/2007
Attila Mellanchini was the name of an exceedingly villainous character in Bernardo Bertolucci's epic film Novecento (or 1900). He was played by Donald Sutherland.
Kosta  10/7/2009
Attila Dargay was a Hungarian animator.
bathos  7/30/2010
Attila József is often called the greatest Hungarian poet of the 20th century. He wrote over 600 poems in his short life (he died when he was 32). Most Hungarians think of him before the Hun when the name Attila is brought up.
bathos  8/15/2010
Giuseppe Verdi wrote a beautiful opera called Attila.
Koenigin der Nacht  10/13/2012
Attila Csihar- a Hungarian black metal vocalist, most known as a member of the band Mayhem, born March 1971.
Tiger Lilly  10/15/2014
The comic strip "Mother Goose and Grimm" has a purple cat named Attila. He frequently clashes with Grimmy, the yellow dog.
DarkPixie  12/5/2016
Well, I actually know the meaning of Attila's name. First of all, the name of his people "Hun", is a reference to one of the lost 10 tribes of ancient Israel, the tribe of "Naphtalites"! Naphtali is a female deer let loose; and make "Good Speakers". And the ability with the Naphtalite tribe of the Huns, being "good speakers, is a sign of high intelligence. The word for female deer is the word "Hind". You might also consider "them as messengers". And, that leads me to the point I meant to bring up, that the name "Attila", also means, "Little Father"! You see, Attila's identity is that he was the Supreme Arch-Angel Metatron, and his name was given to him when he was carried into heaven, well before Noah's flood. He was, of course, Enoch that we speak of. For when Enoch was taken up, he was exalted higher than all men, and all angels; and thus was transformed into the greatest angel, and exalted over them all, except for the Lord himself, and the 8 Holy Ones, in the highest heavens. But otherwise, he was made great. So great, that the Lord gave him the title "Lesser YHVH"! And there was said, amongst the angels, that there are truly two powers in heaven. These are in fact the Father's two witnesses, that stand before the Lord of all the earth. This, my friends, is who the leader of the Huns, was. Enoch has been sent back into the earth multiple times, and having different identities each time. He was John the Baptist. And was also, Elijah! It's been the same man, "Enoch", the Lord has sent, whenever the Lord required sending the right person into the world. In fact, he is the defender of Israel, also known as Michael the Arch Angel.
Majitron  4/29/2018

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