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August Strindberg is a famous Swedish writer.
― Anonymous User  12/17/2005
On the T.V. show "Third Rock from the Sun," August was the name of Tommy Solomon's girlfriend. She was played by Shay Astar.
breakofday  1/7/2006
Mariska Hargitay and Peter Hermann named their son August.
KylieXxX  7/5/2006
August Sander (1876-1964) German photographer best known for his pictures of German people in his book "People of the Twentieth Century" ("Menschen des 20 Jahrhunderts").
SMHRS  9/1/2007
Frederick August Wilson, known professionally as August Wilson, is an American Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright. He is best known for his Pittsburgh cycle of plays, depicting the African American experience through the 20th century. Of these, the most famous are Fences and The Piano Lesson.
sarescent  10/10/2007
Not necessarily famous, but there is a new movie out titled August Rush, with August being the "stage name" of Evan Taylor, who is trying to find his parents through music.
BoiCrazii  2/22/2008
Country singer Garth Brooks & his exwife named one of their daughters August.
RooRoo  9/8/2008
August Šenoa (1838-1881) was a famous Croatian writer.
goricar  11/15/2009
August is one of the Boatwright Sisters in "The Secret Life of Bees".
Milena Scialfa  4/15/2010
August (1887-1949) was the son of Wilhelm II, German Emperor and his wife Augusta.
CarolinW  6/12/2012
August (1569-1572) was the son of Augustus, Elector of Saxony and his wife Anna of Denmark.
CarolinW  6/21/2012
August (1589-1615) was the son of Christian I, Elector of Saxony and his wife Sophie.
CarolinW  7/16/2012
August (1614-1680) was the son of John George I, Elector of Saxony and his wife Sibylle.
CarolinW  7/18/2012
August (1722-1758) was the son of King Frederick William I of Prussia and his wife Sophie.
CarolinW  7/18/2012
There is a German actor named August Diehl.
Antique_Cherub  8/5/2012
August Anheiser-Busch.
1stTimeMom  10/2/2013
August Rush, child-character form the movie called (guess what) August Rush. He's a music genius, and the movie has a modern-day Oliver Twist feel to it.
― Anonymous User  4/12/2014
My wife and I are expecting a second boy and August is at the top of our list (our first son is named Oliver). I'm a biologist and my favorite biologist is a German scientist named August Weismann, who lived in the 1800s...

So it's nice to read what others have to say about this name. I guess our boys will have the nicknames, "Ollie" and "Auggie" now...
kugino  1/21/2015
August Maturo is an American child actor who plays Auggie Matthews on the Disney Channel series Girl Meets World.
Aili_Helen  10/27/2015
August Rush, August from WONDER, August from ONCE UPON A TIME...
Blaxworth  6/19/2016
August Alsina is an American R&B singer.
S-Genesis  11/19/2016
( German ) WWI General August Von Mackenson.
― Anonymous User  8/10/2017
August Bebel was a socialist leader and activist, the founder of the Social Democratic Workers' Party of Germany, who was also known for speaking out against colonization, racism and misogyny right before the tipping point and rise of fascism in Germany.
― Anonymous User  8/17/2017

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