Namesakes for August

Danish Prime Ministers: 1 prime minister
      Thorvald Stauning (a.k.a. August)   1924-1926; 1929-1942  
Fictional Characters from Television: 1 character
      August Dimitri   1999   Once and Again  
Finnish Presidents and Prime Ministers: 1 prime minister
      (prime minister) Karl-August Fagerholm   1948-1950; 1956-1957; 1958-1959  
Hall-of-Famers: 1 football
      (football) Mike Michalske (a.k.a. August)   1964  
Nobel Prize Winners: 2 chemistry, 1 economics, 1 medicine
      (chemistry) Svante Arrhenius (a.k.a. August)   1903  
      (medicine) August Krogh   1920  
      (chemistry) Hans von Euler-Chelpin (a.k.a. August)   1929  
      (economics) Friedrich Hayek (a.k.a. August)   1974  
Notable Actors and Actresses: 2 actors
      Hardy Krüger (a.k.a. August)   1928-  
      J. August Richards   1973-  
Notable Athletes: 1 football
      (football) Mike Michalske (a.k.a. August)   1903-1983  
Notable Philosophers and Thinkers: 1 economist
      Friedrich Hayek (a.k.a. August)   1899-1992  
Notable Scientists and Inventors: 1 chemist
      Svante Arrhenius (a.k.a. August)   1859-1927  
Olympic Medalists: 2 silver, 1 bronze
      (silver) Karl Luther (a.k.a. August)   1912   4x100 m relay  
      (bronze) August Desch   1920   400 m hurdles  
      (silver) August Fager   1924   cross country team  
Other Leaders: 2 prime ministers
      Prime Minister Otto Strandman (a.k.a. August)   1919   Estonia  
      Prime Minister Kaarel Eenpalu (a.k.a. August)   1938-1939   Estonia  
Other Royalty: 1 grand duke, 1 prince
      Adolphe, Grand Duke of Luxembourg (a.k.a. August)   1890-1905   Luxembourg  
      Franz I, Prince of Liechtenstein (a.k.a. August)   1929-1938   Liechtenstein  
Polish High Dukes and Kings: 2 kings
      King August II the Strong   1697-1704; 1709-1733  
      King August III the Saxon   1734-1763  
Saints: 1 blessed
      Blessed August Czartoryski   1858-1893