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The Greeks called the emperor Augustus 'Sebastianos', which has the same meaning as Augustus.
kateyvic  6/28/2006
An honorfic title give to people who were beloved by Rome or royalty. The female namesake is Augusta, with the exception of Augustus' daughter Julia, who was Augusti. One of the most famous bearers was Gaius Octavius Thurinus (Later Gaius Julius Caesar Octavius Thurinus, when adopted by Julius Caesar) who became Caesar Augustus when he was made emperor of Rome. By doing this he made his daughter Julia Caesaris "Julia Caesaris Augusti" (A namesake of his own adopted name). Other such barers are mainly members of his family, including his wife Livia Drusilla (Julia Augusta), his sister Octavia Minor and much later Julia Drusilla (Caligula's sister), Milonia Caesonia (Caligula's fourth and last wife), Agrippina the Younger (Claudius' fourth and last wife), Poppaea Sabina (Nero's second wife) and their daughter Claudia Augusta.
Cardwitch  3/29/2006

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