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This is a gorgeous and centuries-old name that could be found in the Roman Empire. Pronounced commonly as ah-RAYL-ya or ah-RAY-lee-ah.
― Anonymous User  6/11/2005
Means "Golden Lady" in Latin
Laleroc  7/5/2005
I will have to agree that this is a gorgeous name ~ I named my daughter Aurelia. Sometimes we call her Aurelie (which is French for Aurelia) as a nickname, but her friends have adopted Lia (which is nice as well). Overall, this is a wonderful and magnificent name!
― Anonymous User  7/26/2005
Charlie Chaplin's great granddaughter is called Aurelia Thierry. I recently saw her show, Aurelia's Oratorio, where she does crazy acrobatics and dances with all sorts of surreal stories going on. I found it so magical that if I ever have a daughter I'd love to name her Aurelia.
Mustardseed  1/31/2006
This is my mother's name, and the pronunciation we use is Uh-RILL-yah, not the long A sound. I think it probably just formed from the "accent" people have in my region.
jc  3/2/2006
I love this name! Aurelia is such a beautiful name. I think it sounds better (and I like it better) than Aurora. Although both a are pretty and unique in their own way. This is definitely one of my favorite recommended names. Lovely!
― Anonymous User  6/2/2006
So pretty. I first heard this name from the movie "Love Actually" and I fell in love with it then. I think the name sounds so lively and soft all rolled into one.
― Anonymous User  6/22/2006
Amazing, beautiful, yet not even on the top 1000 in my country. I love it.
nelirosala  8/30/2006
I find the name difficult to pronounce.
― Anonymous User  9/12/2006
Pronounced Ah-RAY-lee-ya.
dondonsae  9/18/2006
I love this name and I also like Aurelita.
bellaboo  11/2/2006
Aurelia is just such a beautiful name, but it is hardly used. I have never met or heard of an Aurelia.
Petroushka  3/3/2007
- ow (like "ow, I stubbed my toe")
- rel (rhymes with Dell or bell or sell)
- yah (like the karate people on TV yell ha-YAH! when they hit people)

This name has been on my list for awhile. It is my top favorite girls name at the moment.
― Anonymous User  6/21/2007
Aurelia is the Czech and Slovak form.
Aurelia´s nicknames: Aura, Aurea, Lia, Relia.
Pronounced as "Ou-REH-lya".
Karcoolka  6/22/2007
Julius Caesar's mother was named Aurelia.
elizabeth hamlet  9/19/2007
My favorite name at the moment, simply perfect.
audreyhubley  11/11/2007
I've only known this name as a Hispanic name.
― Anonymous User  2/13/2008
Beautiful beyond words.
Lady Seashell  2/18/2008
I loved this name, until my husband said our daughter would be universally teased and called areola.
― Anonymous User  3/4/2008
To one of the above posters who said she liked this name until her husband told her that their daughter would be called areola, why in God's name would you even think that? To me it looks nothing like the word areola. If you ask me, I can think of a lot of names that can bring utterly disagreeable ideas that can come to mind, one name being Abigail, which looks like a-big-gal. Or the name Celia, resembling the word cilia. Sheesh.
― Anonymous User  1/29/2009
In the French play "The Madwoman of Chaillot", Lady Aurelia is the name of the central character. Notable performers of the role have included Martita Hunt, who won a Tony Award for the role in 1949, and Magda Szubanski. In the 1969 film adaption, the character was portrayed by the legendary Katharine Hepburn. When the play was adapted into the Broadway musical "Dear World" in 1975, the character was portrayed by Angela Lansbury.
AndrewJKD  3/12/2008
Also used in Portugal and Brazil, and is spelled Aurélia.
― Anonymous User  3/22/2008
I think this is a beautiful name. It really does sound golden, like its meaning.
Pippin  3/23/2008
Aurelia Aurita is another name for the common moon jellyfish.
― Anonymous User  4/12/2008
Very pretty name, it sounds very royal to me, like the name of a queen or princess. I like the sound and the meaning, but I think it's a little out there and borderline pretentious for my taste.
pandasayscynical  7/13/2008
I love this name! I can't even describe how beautiful it sounds.
bananarama  10/7/2008
Aurelia Jadrná was Arnold Schwarzenegger´s mother.
Emilie007  10/12/2008
I love the name Aurelia. I love how it sounds and it gives me the impression of a elegant girl.
A.Miles  12/28/2008
Eh. There's better names.
Kerules  5/11/2009
I love this name. It's elegant and feminine. Maybe a little "frilly", but I like that.
Beautiful Victory  5/19/2009
This is my name and I absolutely love it. Everyone in my family pronounces it slightly different, which I think makes it even more interesting.
Occasionally I get frustrated when people keep asking me to repeat it, or when they try to joke with it (the most common being pouncing it "I'll rail ya"), but I still wouldn't change it for anything.
goldenrail  11/23/2009
The way we pronounce this name in our Latin class is ow-RAY-lia.
― Anonymous User  6/18/2010
I really rather like this name, although I don't think I'd use it as a first name, as it sounds a bit too bombastic and over-the-top, but it'd be really classy and great as a middle name, I think. :)
walesgal92  8/21/2010
Feminine form of Latin Aurelius, a family name derived from aureus 'golden'.
Soleil  5/22/2011
The name was borne by several minor early saints, but its revival as a given name in the 17th century is probably due to its meaning rather than association with any of them.
Soleil  5/22/2011
I adore this name, mainly because it looks so pretty written down and just rolls off the tongue. The meaning is wonderful too. However, as another use said above, it does sound a little 'frilly,' and I don't really like that. However, if I was ever going to use the name Aurelia for a daughter, I couldn't stand using it just a middle name because that's almost an insult to the name!
I pronounce it 'or-ray-lee-ya,' but I love the Portuguese/Spanish pronunciation 'ow-ray-lya' as well.
The nicknames I like are Aura and the French form Aurelie. You could even use Lola too. I don't particularly like Lia or Rae/Ray.
clouds  12/22/2011
The mother of American poet Sylvia Plath was called Aurelia Plath, which I really like because Aurelia means 'gold' and Sylvia is like 'silver'.
― Anonymous User  12/22/2011
The name Aurelia/Aurelius comes from the Latin word 'aurium', meaning 'gold'. This is why the symbol for gold on the periodic table is 'Au'.
― Anonymous User  12/22/2011
Aurelia Frances Schober-Plath (born 1906 in Boston, Massachusetts) was the mother of American writer Sylvia Plath.
― Anonymous User  3/28/2012
In the book I was reading the grandma's name was Aurelia. She is mean and kind of a hermit. However, the name is very neat. If an Aurelia had a sister, the name could be Celeste or Estelle. A hip nickname for Aurelia is Ellie.
SEC908  11/2/2012
In my native language and in Latin (Spanish, Italian, Portuguese etc), it sounds so beautiful. But in English, it just doesn't sound as good. I think a lot of English speaking people will have difficulties getting the pronunciation right.
― Anonymous User  1/18/2013
Aurelia just barely missed the top 1000 for 2012, tying with abbey, Dalia, and wren with 250 babies being given the name.
― Anonymous User  7/16/2013
Not uncommon in Lithuania, BUT with the spelling Aurelija.
AnastasiaE  9/3/2013
Even though I really like this name, I think the beautiful Aurora and Aurore surpasses it. But I most defiantly see the beauty of it, even though I sometimes mispronounce it.
MusicBelle  2/24/2014
Aurélia is also the name of the main character in French author Gérard de Nerval's last novel "Aurélia". Nerval commited suicide before ever finishing it. It is probably one of his most famous writings.
Valmont  3/11/2014
As I get older, now as a senior citizen,
I feel this very unusual name is indeed
A very beautiful name... I am named
Aurelia, known by my nickname "Ore" as
In Oreo cookies... :D.
oretg  4/5/2014
Very feminine and pretty, but also strong and regal-sounding to me. I know a girl named Aurelia who is called Aura most of the time by family and friends. She gave me a positive association with this name- she's bright, a model student, excels in sports, is active in the community. The meaning "golden" is so wonderful too; I think Aurelia would be such a great name to give to a daughter.
― Anonymous User  6/27/2014
I'm pregnant and this is what I'm naming the baby if it's a girl. As much as I love this name, I wavered a little bit because online opinion seems to be split between whether it should be said "ah-RAY-lee-ah" (the pronunciation I like) or "ah-REE-lee-ah" - or "ow-RAY-lee-ah" or "ow-REE-lee-ah". I figure the "Au" can be pronounced "ah" as in Aurora, Audrey, Austin, et cetera, and "ray" seems more like how the ancient Romans pronounced it than "ree" does. My name has more than one accepted pronunciation and I never had too much of an issue with that, so hopefully it won't be a big deal for little Aurelia if some people say it "ah-REE-lee-ah."

As I write this, Aubrey is at #18, Audrey is at #32, Aubree is at #52, Autumn is at #65 and Aurora is at #145 on the American name charts, so I suspect there might be an "Au-" name trend and Aurelia might be poised to rise in popularity.
― Anonymous User  9/2/2014
Hi, it's Anonymous from September 2 - I did have a girl and we did name her Aurelia. So far about half the people we come across have said it with a "ray" sound, 45% have said it with a "ree" sound, and a few think it's pronounced "Ariella." No regrets. :)
― Anonymous User  11/2/2014
This name means "Golden".
― Anonymous User  11/12/2014
I never heard of this name a day in my life until my niece came along. Aurelia is her middle name said as Au-Rel-lee-uh. I find it to be very soft, beautiful, underused and definitely has that 'Princess Quality' to it. (:
― Anonymous User  9/18/2015
My daughter is named Aurelia Joy and it fits her perfectly. We pronounce it ow-ray-lea. At first I thought her nickname would be Lia, but it didn't suit her. Several nicknames have emerged since her birth... Reli (Ray-lee), Rei (Ray), Rei-Rei, Rei-Joy, Joy-Joy, Lady Rei, Rei-bee, Reli-Joy. It's been a very fun name and she seems to already love it at age four. I love the user's nickname Ore. Beautiful! The only ridiculous story I have... An older couple asked her name. I told them and they replied, "that's a neat name. I heard another made up name the other day, La-dash-a with an actual dash in it." My daughter is mixed so this felt a little insulting. I told them it wasn't made up and that it was Latin. They were shocked and challenged me by asking, "well, what does it mean then?". :) PS - Aurelia Joy has all the vowels and sometimes y. And she is very much a smart, strong princess, just as the name implies.
Hilxy  12/7/2015
This is my first-born daughter's name. I fell completely in love with it after seeing the movie Love Actually. We pronounce it Oh-RAY-Leah, with the middle name Grace. I had a hard time deciding between Aurelia and Aurora as they are both so beautiful. Luckily, I went on to have two more girls and named my second daughter Aurora Rose (after Sleeping Beauty). We named our third daughter Aria Isabelle. Aurelia is still one of the most beautiful names I've ever heard.
― Anonymous User  2/6/2016
I think Aurelia is a beautiful name. My grandaughter is Aurelia. I had never heard of it until my daughter told me her name. It suits her so well. Most people comment, when we tell them her name, that it is beautiful. A beautiful name for my beautiful grandaughter.
chrissie mck  4/23/2016
I'm probably just being immature, but I always think of "oral" when I hear this name, and that keeps me from liking it much.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/9/2016
Aurelia is my name and because I am Romanian, as in Latin (apart from a few diphthongs and triphthongs) every written letter is also a sound, thus we break the syllables down and pronounce it like this a:-u:-ré-li-a.
I get called Ariela a lot as people have difficulties pronouncing it right but I prefer that to Orelia which means ear in Portuguese. It makes the name ugly that way. Please do not pronounce it Oh-rey-lia. Not even Italians say it that way.
Aurelia....  7/31/2016
Aurelia is my name and I love it.
― Anonymous User  9/21/2016
I like "Aurora" better. Aurelia is too long. Also, you spelled her name wrong, lol.
― Anonymous User  1/3/2018
This is gorgeous and I love the name. I love the pronunciation and it sounds good too. I am even planning to get pregnant and I will name her Aurelian. It's a lovely name any way. Thanks.
Martha sarfo  3/16/2018

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