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Well, that last bit of info is pretty obvious if somone spent a little time on the Internet. The island of Avalon also goes by the name of the "Island of Apples", so I'd very much imagine that those two words are related.
echo_of_the_past  8/2/2005
I have heard that the meaning can also be 'heaven'.
― Anonymous User  7/27/2006
Avalon: (Celtic pagan mythology) From the name of the magical island paradise to which King Arthur was conveyed by the enchantress-queen Morgan le Fay to recover from his wounds. Also called "The Fortunate Isle" as "it produces all things of itself" (Geoffrey of Monmouth, Historia).

My lovely wife Kate gave birth to a little girl two days ago. I an considering Avalon Wendy James...

Avalon is a truly classy name! I think it's strong and definitive, not hippy or fey in the least (Arthurian legend is that of bloodied warrior after all!)

P.S. Name is gender neutral in my opinion.
Damon James  11/12/2016

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