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I think it's very pretty, but it looks like it can be pronounced/mispronounced 6 different ways-- The 'A' could be pronounced "ae" or "ay", and the 'line' could be pronounced "lien", "leen", or "lynn".
Tiger Lilly  5/10/2017
My daughter is named Avalene, which is the common Gaelic spelling for the name. It is a gorgeous name, and I get to use a beautiful name for her nickname as well (Ava).
achaney1391  3/15/2017
Avalene is not the Gaelic spelling, we have no letter V in our alphabet. It's a pretty name though.
Quro  12/28/2017
Wow, magnificent! This name just went to the top of my list. Since we're a bilingual household, one of the requirements for names in our family is that they work in French and English. This one is PERFECT and oh, so pretty!
JustExactlyRight  1/17/2017
Back when I wanted kids, I wanted to have this as a middle name for Stella. Stella Aveline. I still think it's a pretty combination now, though Aveline on its own is still beautiful as well.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/9/2016
I love this name so so much! I'm just worried that people would mispronounce it like Ava Line all the time and I wouldn't want that for my daughter. But I am surprised to see that it's not popular at all!
al84  1/28/2016
My middle name is a different spelling to Aveline, however it doesn't sound quite the same. It's Avilene. I find it very pretty and not much different from Aveline- but it really annoys me when people think that I have misspelled it. It's AV- A - LEEN, not LINE. I think I can spell my own middle name thank you very much!
― Anonymous User  9/7/2015
(Appears in Assassin's creed 3 & Assassin's creed liberation)
Aveline de Grandpré (1747 – unknown) was an Assassin of French and African heritage, who lived in the area of New Orleans during the middle of the 18th century.
Mariska172  8/22/2015
Gorgeous name! One of my middle name options for a little girl.
― Anonymous User  6/27/2014
A stunning name for a beautiful girl. In my opinion, I think it is a mysterious mystical name that belongs on a fair skinned tall girl with long curly brown hair down her back with full pink lips and bright green eyes. I really love this unique name!
MusicBelle  12/8/2013
This is an absolutely gorgeous name that I would seriously consider using. It's classy and strong, yet still edgy; I can see it on a lawyer, a doctor, a cop, or a rock star. I find it a near perfect name and would highly recommend it against the more common and blunt Ava.
Black_X  9/16/2011
I really like the sound of this name; it's sweet and simple. :-)
walesgal92  9/11/2011
Gorgeous name, and you can get away with Ava as a nickname without having to use just Ava.
Dragon_Clarinet  8/9/2011
Aveline Vallen is a major character in the video game Dragon Age 2. She is a former soldier turned Captain of the City Guard, and she is very much an honorable, "lawful good" character. In the world of the game, Ser Aveline was an historic knight who was martyred, and Aveline Vallen was named after her.
erb816  6/5/2011
This name is almost perfect. It's not too common, but can fit in, gorgeous, classic, and a candidate for nicknames! (if you wanted a nickname) Aveline is such a stunning name!
-Julia-  4/11/2010
Apparently Aveline means "little bird".
― Anonymous User  1/30/2010
What a gorgeous, timeless name! A good nickname for a little girl could be also be Avie. Seems like it would age well through a person's lifetime.
Autumn-Queen  7/23/2009
This is a very pretty name! Although I think AV-uh-leen sounds prettier than av-uh-LEEN.
zippity bubble  5/5/2009
Absolutely stunning. I'd never heard of this name until just now, but it's already going right toward the top of my favorites list.
Maro  6/11/2008
I think this name is absolutely beautiful.
― Anonymous User  12/13/2007
I think Aveline is a pretty name.
7up  3/3/2007
The book definition of Aveline was a combination of Eve and Helen. Where Helen meant light and Eve meant Life.
― Anonymous User  10/20/2006
This is a French word for hazelnut.
― Anonymous User  6/2/2006
It's not the French word for hazelnut, like said before, but it's a sort of hazelnut.
lillinparadise  3/11/2007
Although aveline means hazelnut in French, the more common way to say hazelnut is "noisette." Aveline would be a less commonly used synonym.
― Anonymous User  7/9/2006

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