Names Related to Avery

Names that are related to AVERY:
ÆLFRÆD   m   Anglo-Saxon
ALBERIC   m   Germanic Mythology
ALBERICH   m   Ancient Germanic, Germanic Mythology
ALBERICO   m   Italian
ALF (2)   m   English
ALFIE   m   English
ALFRÉD   m   Hungarian
ALFRED   m   English, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, German, Polish, Dutch
ALFREDA   f   Polish, German, Italian, English
ALFREDAS   m   Lithuanian
ALFREDO   m   Italian, Spanish, Portuguese
AUBERON   m   English (Rare)
AUBREE   f   English (Modern)
AUBREY   m & f   English
AUBRIE   f   English (Modern)
AVERY   m & f   English
FREDA   f   English
FREDDIE   m & f   English
FREDO   m   Italian (Rare)
OBERON   m   Literature