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My first name is Avis. Many years passed before I became comfortable with my name. Now I am very happy with Avis, and I smile.
looms4izzi  4/10/2017
'Avis' is Latin for 'bird'.
journeylynn  11/16/2016
I LOVE the name Avis! If I have a daughter her name will be Avis Malia. I imagine a girl named Avis as being strong-willed and independent, but also loving and compassionate.
ThatOneAuthorGirl  6/20/2016
For some reason this sounds like a boy's name to me. But I think it's be a good name for a tomboy :)
― Anonymous User  1/27/2013
Avis is a spell in Harry Potter! (AAAAAAH, will I EVER get those books out of my mind?!) Sorry, got a bit off topic there. Personally, I think this name is really cute. :)
blondieboo629  12/5/2011
This is the name of the second dynasty in Portuguese History. Dynasty of Avis (or Aviz), also called Joanina, was created by John I, Master of Avis.
theadiragram  10/17/2011
Avis is a slang for "jealous" in Swedish.
Beautiful Victory  12/26/2009
It says in my book of names that this name is of Teutonic origin, and it says that it means "a refugee in trouble". Quite a common name in the gypsy community.
walesgal92  4/23/2009
This name always makes me think of Averice. Isn't that one of the seven deadly sins?
― Anonymous User  8/1/2008
I agree. But it also reminds me of a tomboyish little girl running around outside. It also reminds me of the air. But both of these combined, I suppose it would become something like "bird," which is a really poor meaning for a name, like "bee" (Melissa).
themoongirl  4/3/2008
I really like this name. It brings to mind a woman who is strong and determined, and perhaps a little wild.
black_lace  3/3/2008
My great-grandmother's name was Avis. I think it sounds more like a man's name. Not a woman's.
― Anonymous User  5/17/2007
This means "newspaper" in Danish. So it's funny to me in that way, since every time I see this name, I think of that.
Charlie1977  1/23/2007
This means "newspaper" in Danish.
wiswina  5/25/2005
Avis is a rent-a-car business known globally. That probably hasn't helped its popularity any, though Avis had gone out of style by the time of the company's inception! :)
WeloveyouJesseLacey  4/20/2005
The word "avis" means "sheep" in Lithuanian.
monie  1/24/2005

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