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This is a semi-popular girl's name in France. When I asked my husband, who is French, what he thought of when he heard this name, instead of saying, "truck parts", he got kinda' quiet and softly said, "Angels". Neat. If you're looking for a REAL French girl's name, this is a winner. Just remember, in French, the pronunciation has the stress on the second syllable, not the first as in English. It ends-up sounding like the the word, "excel" with a soft "a" at the beginning or like the first two syllables of the word, "accelerate". This changes the whole feel of the name.
leananshae  11/25/2007
Sounds like the name of a kick-a** girl. I like it, then again, I'm a sucker for names with X's.
magicalhannah7  3/6/2009
Definitely one of my favorites. Although for a nickname, I wouldn't use something like Axy, probably just Elly.
Dawson  10/30/2010
Chrila96  11/16/2010
Fabulous and uniquely French name. Love it when pronounced correctly!
― Anonymous User  7/23/2011
Pronounced: ahk-SEL. [noted -ed]
Liesl  10/16/2011
This is a strong, feminine name!
Eileen1209864  7/3/2016

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