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See the comments on "Aya" for more possibilities for meanings. As for the "ka" part, it could be "beautiful" or "song" or "fragrance".

If it was pronounced Ayaku, it would be spelled that way. Japanese is very phonetic and it's said the way it's spelled, consistently (like Spanish).

Also, the Japanese language doesn't have the syllable "ye", so they'd have to do some fancy work with the characters/syllabary and it would be spelled differently (Aieka) because the "ye" sound when they're pulling it from other langauges (since it doesn't normally come up in Japanese words) is written "ie".
abbasdaughter  12/26/2005
There are more variations in writing, 綾 (aya - figure, design, twill weave), 香 or 薫  (ka - to smell sweet, to be fragrant).
Minabe  3/8/2010
The name Ayaka depends on how they are written either in kanji or hiragana. There are more than 10 ways to spell the name Ayaka.

Famous AYAKAs:
autsumi  3/17/2017

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