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No, I don't want to like this spelling! Drat! I love it. The name of one of the characters in my story.
-- blackgoodbye  4/28/2007
When I saw this name, for some reason I thought, strong, independant, and beautiful.
-- Anonymous User  11/15/2007
Ayden is the name of a town in North Carolina, USA, which was established in 1891.
-- telfalathiel  5/20/2008
Ayden is the name of a character in the Crossgen comic Sojourn.
-- telfalathiel  5/20/2008
This spelling is really ugly. Just use Aidan.
-- number1212  5/14/2009
I love the spelling of the name. Originally thought of naming my daughter this but then it became to widely used and unoriginal. Also an anglicized form of Aodhan.
-- sorrowfuliris  12/30/2009
Why do people insist on intentionally misspelling names?
-- kazoopilot  2/23/2010
Ayden is also a variant of the Turkish name Aydin.
-- fishl_x  4/13/2011
Yet another misspelling of a good name (Aiden/Aidan) that people use to sound "unique". If you really want your child to be unique, name them something actually uncommon, not an ugly misspelling of a extremely popular name.
-- sunshinechild67  1/7/2012
I saw this hideous, trendoid kreatyv spylyng in a self-published book set in the 19th century. It's bad enough that so many book, movie, and tv writers these days are having non-child characters named Aidan (or the misspelt Aiden), but to put such an obviously currently trendy name on someone from 150 years ago? Just because a name is popular doesn't mean it's accurate to use it on a character who was born way before the trend!
-- Anyechka  9/29/2013

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