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Aylin is pronounced as Eileen.
theo  2/6/2007
It is pronounced eye-lin, the Turkish İ is pronounced as the I in the word 'in', not as in the een in Aileen.
― Anonymous User  6/16/2009
As I know some Turkish I know for a fact Aylin is pronounced 'Eye - Lyn' not 'A - Leen'.
starz26  4/14/2010
I know in fact that the name Aylin is pronounced eye-lyn.
Reason Aylin is my name.
Valeria_Noel Ed  12/17/2010
Aylin is gorgeous! Isn't it pronounced eye-lin?
Quirky_girl  5/3/2014
I'm Turkish and I pronounce Aylin as eye-lin, but without stress.
― Anonymous User  5/21/2016

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