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I knew somebody on internet named Ayşe. It is a pretty name. Ayşe is said eye-sha.
queenfanno1  12/14/2015
I think the name Ayşe is nicer then Aisha.
queenfanno1  12/14/2015
Careful this name is a very common in Turkey. Ayse is like the 'Emma' of Turkey.
― Anonymous User  3/16/2010
This name is usually in Turkey pronounced exactly like I - SHARE or less commonly I - SHUH.
― Anonymous User  3/14/2010
I know it sounds a bit random, but I first found this name in my German textbook. (My German textbooks are a great source for names. No joke! It was there where I found the beautiful Renate, Yasmin, Silke. And now Ayse.) I think it's a lovely name. Ayse's simple but elegant and cool. And it has an dreamy, oneiric quality I can't really describe. Ayse is a beautiful form of Aisha. It would be a lovely alternative to using Asia as a name. Definitely staying on my favourites list.
― Anonymous User  10/14/2009
The spelling is perfect, in my mind. I love this name and added it to my list right away. Definitely usable.
edenrowe  3/24/2009
One of my students in my pre-k class is named Ayse. It is pronounced ay-shuh. This is a much prettier version of Aisha in my opinion.
Arieanne  12/23/2008

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