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This name can be used for both genders. The meaning of this name is "God has helped" and the origin of this name is Hebrew.
Potterania  3/21/2009
As someone stated before, Azaria was falsely rumoured to mean "desert sacrifice" or "sacrifice in the wilderness" during the Lindy Chamberlain case. Ms Chamberlain actually found the name in the book 1001 Unusual Baby Names, which identified it as meaning "Blessed of God", and a feminine form of the Biblical Hebrew name Azariah (not strictly true etymologically - according to Behind the Name, Azariah actually means "Yahweh [God] has helped"). Coincidentally there is a very similar Biblical name, Azazel, which is supposedly the name of a wilderness demon to whom a goat was sent out on Yom Kippur in the Old Testament. Perhaps this was the origin of the Azaria rumour.
― Anonymous User  7/24/2012

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