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Azrael is the name of Gargamel's kitty companion in The Smurfs (from the 1980s). I don't know that I'd call him a *famous* namesake, but it's cute trivia.
― Anonymous User  2/17/2006
I love this name! I hope to name one of my sons this one day.
― Anonymous User  3/1/2006
A beautiful name, if not a difficult one to bear. I can imagine a stately adult by this name, but a 5 year old named after the so-called Angel of Death may not go over so well at the playground. One has to think about whether or not one would feel the reputation of the name is not as important as the meaning of it after having to carry it all their lives. If you have doubts, then it's not worth having to deal with a moody teenager who doesn't want a name so heavily associated with death (or Gargamel's cat). But if you truly love the name, and believe your child will grow to love it as you do, then I would say yes, this is a wonderful name.
Smog  5/11/2006
Isn't Azrael the muse who came from hell in Dogma?
honungspinglan  1/7/2007
No, the muse on Dogma was named Serendipity. Azrael was Jason Lee's character, and he was not a muse.
NiamhWitch  12/24/2007
Aww, why does the meaning have to be so negative? It's such a nice sounding name! Oh well, I still like it.
Dessa  8/13/2007
Very beautiful name. I don't think the meaning is that negative; Azrael is not the one that brings or causes death, he's the one that helps the continuation of the process by freeing the soul from the flesh/the corpse. He just fulfills his job, and that's not such a bad job after all. :D
Senko  8/31/2007
I think Azrael is a fantastic name. I like names that are associated with death (not that I'm morbid). And let us know that this name doesn't exactly mean death. It is a variant of a name that means "help of God", which isn't a bad meaning at all. I really like the sound of this name. Its color to me is dark red. To me, it seems tragic and full of sadness (because of the character I gave it to), but with a glimmer of hope at the end.
Pippin  3/16/2008
I think Azrael is a nice name for a boy. I like its meaning even though it is associated with the Angel of Death. I view death as not the end of life but eternal rest. I love the anthropomorphic personification Death or Grim Reaper especially since I read the Discworld series.
Milena Scialfa  10/18/2009
Pronounced as either "Az-ree-uhl" or "Az-reye-uhl".
Ikanaide  12/2/2009
Azrael is the name of the main character in Anne Rice's "Servant of the Bones".
SandSea  2/5/2010
Apparently I'm the only person who thinks it's creepy and inappropriate to call a child after the Angel of Death.

Besides which, there's something very nerdy about this name - it sounds like an RPG character.
SandSea  2/5/2010
I like this name. It doesn't mean death exactly, it's just associated with it. Which for teenage boys today, it would be kind of cool. And the Angel of Death gives the name a mystical appearance. I could see myself naming a child this.
Myth Writer Dreamer  6/7/2010
"Azrael" isn't usually considered to be have a bad association with death. Azrael is simply supposed to be the one who takes souls wherever they are meant to be after they die. Not the "Grim Reaper" or anything like that.

I personally think it's a great name, with a unique sound to it that would be interesting to others while not standing out so much that it would draw negative attention.
Ikanaide  7/25/2011
Sorry people, but the name was used for my son who is 19 now and going to college. I used it from christian mythology. Did a lot of thinking about it with the wife and we never looked back and have gotten plenty of compliments as my son has also. Don't know anyone else with it yet!
mrz  1/31/2015
The name Azrael is a strong, elegant, & unique name for a guy. I absolutely love the names of the mentioned angels (Azrael, Michael, Raphael & Gabriel) so of course I consider this name as super awesome! ^___^ I admit, this name makes me think of the cat from the TV series The Smurfs but I still love this name nevertheless. Xoxo.
― Anonymous User  3/21/2015
The angel Azrael is called "Izrail" in Islam. [noted -ed] It is written as "عزرائيل" in Arabic and is pronounced "iz-RA-eel".
― Anonymous User  10/18/2015
I love having named my now 3 year old son this unique name. I myself have a unique name. I only have a problem when people mispronounce it and instead of Azrael say it as Israel, so I have to correct them.
Proudstar81  4/10/2016
I'd love to hear of a character in a story named Azrael; maybe I'll write one myself. It's a good, strong name that I love.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/9/2016
I don't know if this counts as a famous bearer, but Azrael is Arslan's hawk in the anime "The Heroic Legend of Arslan".
Princess_Shireen  2/23/2017
The name Azrael was given to 52 boys born in the US in 2016.
― Anonymous User  3/1/2018

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